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lapsitting Sep 8 '19
Since this is a complaint forum, I'd want to vent out my frustration

As large of a community as we are, I am really having trouble finding like-minded people here in the Philippines, especially in Manila :( If anyone visits or plans to visit here, tell me and if I'm available, crush and squash me with your heavy weight :D
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Crushmemelb Sep 9 '19
This is a problem for almost everyone who isn't living in the USA as there are at best a handful of guys in your country on here and of that you would be lucky to meet one. It might change but only if more guys join from outside the USA.
loganxs Sep 9 '19
@Crushmemelb is right. And I’m sorry for your troubles, we’re truly trying. Guys have any ideas on what we can do to fix this? 
Crushmemelb Sep 10 '19
There would probably need advertising through other online gay sites and social media. Also potentially local language offline adverts in local gay venues especially in Asia. Offline advertising could play a role even in Australia but it will come at a cost that would need people to fundraise or donate to directly.

lapsitting Sep 11 '19
Yeah, I'm not telling it's your fault. I'm just really frustrated that only a few guys here are active on these kinds of sites :(