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Squashed by Personal Trainer

I wrote this a while back and had posted it to a different male-on-male squashing site on Social Parody (RIP). I'm reposting it here. It focuses on stomach sitting and kneeling.

Ever since he began college three years ago, Luke had been training with his personal trainer, Evan, in hopes of putting on some more muscle. Luke had always been small and skinny through childhood and up until graduating from high school. But since he's begun training with Evan, the exercises and workouts have helped him to beef up a noticeable amount. 

Luke's biceps are bigger and his arms are hard when he flexes them; his thighs have gotten thicker and firmer; but Luke's most proud accomplishment is his stomach, where a lean 4 pack as developed and is gradually evolving into a magazine-worthy six pack. He's still only 5'7", 120 pounds. And though it's all muscle, it doesn't hold a candle to Evan's physique.

Luke's personal trainer Evan is in his late-40's—more than 20 years Luke's senior—stands at 6'6" and is 250 pounds of pure muscle. He has bulky arms, thighs, and a well-defined 6 pack, but the body part Luke has been most inspired by is the older man's ass: large and round, protruding proudly from his lower back into a hard globe of muscle with just a layer of fat to cushion it. No matter how baggy Evan’s sweatpants or gym shorts are, his juicy bubble butt always makes them tent. Luke had always hoped that with the right kind of exercise he could develop nice, muscular glutes like that, but so far it hasn’t happened. For now, he’s been content with just staring at Evan’s as they work out together.

Now is another such occasion. It’s nearing the end of the first semester of Luke’s junior year, marking a milestone in Luke’s education as well as his training. "You’ve proven yourself to be a strong young man and you've developed a lot over the years," Evan tells Luke. At the end of every semester they check up on Luke's progress to review what he's accomplished and make sure they're staying on track to Luke's goals.

"I remember when you first came here, you were just a skinny, little boy," Evan says, examining Luke's shirtless body with his eyes first, and then graduating to his hands. Evan has never been shy about physical contact with his trainees; evident as he feels up Luke’s flexed biceps, running his hand across Luke's pecs and eventually coming to a stop at the younger man's abdomen, applying pressure against his muscles there. 

Initially Luke was somewhat uncomfortable with Evan’s groping, but by now has come to accept it as a comforting, mentoring gesture. Sometimes even enjoying the appreciation and wondering if he’ll ever get the chance to explore the older man’s body in a similar way.

"So you've proven your strength," Evan continues, returning his hands into an arms-crossed posture. "But now it’s time to test your endurance." Luke knew this was coming, as it was all apart of the program from the beginning and something Evan had been mentioning since they first begun: that strength meant little in reality without the endurance to match it.

"Eventually we'll test your endurance in other places on your body, but for right now I want to start with your abdomen, since that's the area you've been most interested in improving."

Luke nods, though somewhat nervous about what exactly will happen—if it’s endurance, it must involve some amount of pain—but at the same time he’s excited about the results. "So what do I need to do?"

Evan goes over to a bench press, adjusting it so that it lays back horizontally. "First I need you to lay on your back and put your hands above your head."

Luke does as instructed, but stares in concern about the dumbbell that now hovers over his head. "Are we going to add weights to the dumbbell?" he asks, knowing very well how heavy that thing can get and wondering how his soft, vulnerable abdomen could withstand the weight that he sometimes has to lift with his arms.

"We will eventually get to that point," Evan answers, and Luke is both relieved and horrified; so they will do it, but at least not today. "But we're going to do things gradually: the safest way. I'll apply a smaller amount of weight first in a wider area across the stomach, and once you can take that for a while without giving in, then we’ll progress from there.

"Alright," Luke agrees, feeling more determined now. "So what's first?"

"First I'm going to sit on you. I know it might sound strange," Evan adds with a chuckle at Luke's bewildered stare. "But the body weight of oneself or another person is always the safest and most convenient tool in any form of exercise. Or, in this case, endurance."

"Yeah, I guess…" Luke agrees, but feels even more strangely about it as he watches Evan turn around and stand over him, his round ass straining in his seemingly tight gym shorts. Certainly Luke's fantasized for a while about having the older man’s ass against him in some way, and seeing it now, knowing what’s about to happen causes Luke’s dick to react in the anticipation alone. Which, unfortunately, only makes it seem more awkward than anything. Luke hopes Evan doesn’t notice and tries to push back his nervousness, enjoying the moment as he watches his personal trainer begin to squat down over him.

"Relax your stomach muscles, Luke," Evan reminds him. "Don't flex them. This is a test of endurance, not on how well your abs can hold up my weight. And keep your arms above your head."

Luke nods and complies, and then Evan sits down fully on the young man's exposed abdomen. The weight and the hardness of Evan’s huge, muscular butt surprises Luke as it slowly crushes down against his soft and now flat stomach.

"Are you okay? I'm sitting on you with my full weight now." But even without this announcement, Luke could have assumed as much by the enormous pressure on his abs, squeezing the oxygen out from his body. "This is my full 250 pounds on your stomach. If you can handle me sitting on you for three minutes, then we can move on to the next thing.

Luke can only nod in assent, his desperate attempts to catch his breath not enough to provide for any speech. Each second feels as if Evan's full ass sinks deeper into his body. The weight is suffocating and the hardness of his ass is already becoming painful as it crushes Luke’s stomach and intestines like a boulder. Yet at the same time, the idea of that round ass that Luke’s stared at the past couple of years pressing into his vulnerable body makes his erection harden.

"Good job, you're holding the weight well," Evan praises after a bit more than a minute has passed.

Luke isn’t so sure about holding the weight "well"; he's managing the man's weight because he's under it and it's not like there's anywhere he could go if he tried to, but internally he feels like he might faint at any moment—or puke, or both. A condition only made more severe when Evan starts bouncing his ass up and down, a few inches up each time. And each time Evan’s weight comes back down onto Luke’s stomach, he let’s out a groan of pain.

"You know, I'm more than 100 pounds heavier than you," Evan points out, and somehow drawing attention to this fact only makes the weight seem worse for Luke. "There's no shame in giving up."

Luke only shakes his head, determined to finish the endurance training. There's less than a minute left anyway, and Evan finishes with a few final bounces, landing his hard, round ass on Luke's increasingly flat abdomen and grinding it around a bit. Then the first part of the training and finally over. Evan stands up, and Luke let's out a sigh of relief, resisting the urge to curl into a ball over his tormented stomach.

"We can split it up into different sessions," Evan says in amusement as he watches the younger man gasping in as much air as possible. "You can come back on different days to finish this."

Originally Luke thought he might be able to do it all in one night, but his stomach is still sore and he still feels light-headed. Knowing that it will only get harder, Luke knows he won't be able to survive much more of this is one sitting. At the same time, Luke doesn't want to be seen as weak and considers that after all this fitness training he should be able to take a man sitting on his stomach for a few minutes, regardless of how heavy he is or hard his body is. "I can take the next step," Luke says, sitting up and trying to ignore the pain. "Then after that we can be finished."

"Good deal," Evan says. "You've been doing well so far, so I think you can take this next part. Lay back down on your back," Evan instructs, and nervously Luke complies. "I'll be kneeling on your abdomen this time, so the weight will be more concentrated. It will be three minutes again, and if you need me to stop just tap my leg, okay?"

And before Luke has the chance to reply, Evan has already positioned himself. Of course Luke expected it to hurt, but even still he's surprised at the sudden pain as his trainer presses his knee-cap into the pit of the younger man's stomach and lifts his weight up onto it.

"My other foot's still on the floor right now," Evan explains. "But I'm going to lift it up gradually so that all my weight in my knee."

Luke can hardly believe that the pressure he feels right now isn't already full weight, but he nods his head in consent anyway. Luke groans weakly as the pressure increases, Evan's thick knee crushing flat Luke's abs and the internal organs underneath.

"You doing alright?" Evan asks after a few seconds, but Luke can't get enough air into his lungs to formulate an answer. "I'll get off early if you feel you absolutely can't take it anymore." When Luke still doesn’t answer, Evan lifts his other knee up so that it rests beside his left knee, which digs mercilessly into Luke's stomach. Evan shifts some of his weight onto his right knee as well, so that now the weight is more dispersed, but Luke still feels suffocated and completely crushed under his personal trainer's massive weight.

After two minutes, Evan begins to rock his knees back and forth, shifting the weight from one to another. It penetrates Luke's abdomen in turns—first in an area higher up and closer to his ribs and then again lower and closer to his hip bone—so that there's no relief. Luke manages to withstand this for 40 seconds, groaning and gasping whenever he can get any air into his lungs, and constantly resisting the urge to tap Evan's knee.

In the final 20 seconds, Evan moves all his weight onto his right knee, forcing it down into Luke's gut and crushing it even farther than Luke had thought was possible. Luke squeezes his eyes shut, counting each suffocating second until finally Evan releases the weight and stands up beside the bench press. Once the weight is gone, Luke takes in grateful breaths. This time he does sit up on the bench press, holding his stomach and gasping in obvious agony.

"Well, Luke, congratulations!" Evan says with his hand on Luke's shoulder. "You made it farther than any of my other trainees on the first day of endurance."

Despite the pain, Luke is filled with pride to hear this and considers that what he had to endure to receive this praise was well worth it. 

This is all I have of it so far. I could go on to add a trampling part, too, as a continuation of his training. But only if there's enough interest in it to make it worth it.

Sep 22 '18
Very interesting story, very well-written. I'd love to read more of Luke's training, and with more trampling of course! :)
Sep 22 '18
100% agreed. I sent an email to you, but the admin side is having a weird server failure I’ve gotta fix. I’ll inbox the email to you - but please be encouraged, I’d kill to read this awesome story transitioning into the trampling kink. ;)
Feb 3 '19
love this story!
Feb 3 '19
Feb 28 '19
I don't know if the site change or what, but somehow now I can't find how to upload a new story/blog. I just finished the second part, but when I came to post it, it was like "where the heck's the button gone to?"
Feb 28 '19
Answered in PMs ^ :grimacing:
Mar 3 '19
Love this story a lot.
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