Nashville, TN: Goddamn, what a Hot Gala!

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Nashville, TN: Goddamn, what a Hot Gala!
In case I’ve somehow not mentioned it before, Nashville has a BDSM club - a state of the art one. They had an insanely amazing Gala last night. 

What is a BDSM club? A miraculously existing community center / venue / dungeon for tons of people like you and me, typically positioned in a metropolitan area. For those near Nashville, Atlanta also has one. Memphis has one. Birmingham, Alabama has one I’m pretty sure. Other places such as Denver, New York City, and Los Angeles has them for damn sure.

Why am I telling you this? Because one, I had way too much fun last night ;), and also so you know that your interests/fetishes are super legit in 2019. We have whole buildings and parties and classes dedicated to kink. I’m a member and moderator for this BDSM club. I also contribute to the greater community with this website! 

So, on to the Gala - you really would have had to see it. It was the first anniversary Gala I’ve attended there! There were so many people there, parking was along the street and I was forced to park halfway down the road. The total turnout was wild as hell. We had a beautiful spread of homemade food in the classroom, tons of people in the social lounge, and everybody was beautifully (and sluttily) dressed. I wore a striped shirt ????, gray pants, denim shoes.

One of the biggest parts of the night was a performance by a male and female sadist pair. The guy was a masochist performer that could handle just about anything it felt like. He handled pairs of irons dangling and swinging from his earrings and nipple piercings. And BALLS. WTF lol. His female counterpart was an escape artist, and she managed to escape just about everything he tried to put her into. It was all very impressive.

Immediately after the show and awards were given, the dungeon switched over into play mode. And it went uphill from there. I saw a little of everything. Guys fucking guys. Feet worship. Paddling and spanking. Flogging. Trampling. SOMEONE HAD A LITERAL FUCK MACHINE SET UP. The sling was used well too.

Then it was my turn. ;-) My play parter was a hugely muscular, super tall dude with huge feet. He knows how hot he is, too. He stripped me down to my briefs, then made me lose those. He was coach, and I was the athlete (roleplay, my friends!). First thing he ordered me to do? Lay down flat on the platform. Before giving me what I wanted, he wanted to push my limits. That involved a crop (look it up lol), his huge meaty hands, a flogger he already had, and a HUGE one that he won just an hour earlier during the awards part of the gala! 

He gave me HELL for an hour, and WAILED my ass lmao. To be fair, he did constantly check up on me to make sure I was fine, but I kept asking for it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

By the end of it, I was lasting longer than his play partners usually do, so he decided to pull the squashing and trampling card (finally). First, he gets on top of me and compresses me flat with all of his body weight, grinding me into the platform. I groaned (it felt way too damn good being pressed like that... you guys get it lol), and just hoped he wouldn’t get off. He was very verbal, and the hardon I already had was getting painful ;). 

“Like me putting all my 320 pounds into you like that?” he asks. 

“Damn right I do, coach.” Cause I seriously fucking did. He keeps going, I keep moaning. I happened to look back and notice a bunch of people watching. Lol, hope they’re living vicariously through me because damn this dude is hot. And mine for the moment. 

I forgot the rig that’s above the platform I’m laying on can hold a ton of weight. He grabs it to balance himself and then stands right on top of me with no warning whatsoever. My lungs partially deflate under his huge feet, and then I’m officially in heaven lmao. He moves back and forth, the gets off. And back on. And back off. Probably thinks he’s hurting me so I moan loud enough for him to hear me over the dungeon’s music playlist. He keeps going and I keep letting the fantasy play out. 

Man, coach is heavy. My bones shift around and creak, and he’s enjoying my reactions. His feet are sweaty as f and I can smell them from below. And especially when he shoves one into my mouth while the other sole bores itself into my shoulder blades. Ow. The fucker.

By the end of it, we stopped the scene about 10 minutes before closing because I had a moment where my ankles started spasming (probably from my ass clenches triggered by the flogging) and he wanted to make sure I’d be able to actually make it out of the facility lol.

We wrapped me in a red blanket, sat on the couch and chilled while talking about what we’d do next time. He commended me for handling him better than anyone had to date... and for having apparently an amazing ass lol. It was appreciated coming from a stud like him. 

I swung by the gay bar to say hey to my friends who’d gone over there for the after-party of sorts. And finally took my ass home.

Now I’m awake for work, and you’ve heard about my Saturday night. ;)

Sep 26 '19
Damn, what a great story! I'm hard just reading it! Happy you enjoyed it!
Sep 29 '19
wow Mod. great story. thanks for sharing. a 300# barefoot, handsome muscle stud! just Dan. lol so jealous and happy for u at the same time
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