Kidnapped and Gassed

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Kidnapped and Gassed
It's a hot humid summer night while Paul is walking on the side of a dark barely lit street making his way back to his apartment building. As Paul is walking, he can't help but get the feeling that he is being watched. The light blonde hair on the back of his neck and arms are standing up as his skin is tingling with goosebumps from the feeling of danger settles in. 2 more blocks Paul thinks to himself as he tries to quickly make it back to his home. It is a little after midnight and Paul just got off his shift as a cashier at a small 24/7 gas station. As he is passing a dark alley way between a rundown house with a chain link fence and an old brick building, he is quickly grabbed by a large man from behind. A cloth is put over Paul's face. Paul tries to scream for help, but the cloth is muffling any attempt of alerting anybody around. It doesn't take long for the feeling of grogginess to settle in and overcome Paul. With a few more jerks trying to escape, Paul's body finally goes limp. The large man easily lifts Paul's scrawny body over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and puts Paul into the back of an unmarked black mail box truck. 

The room is small, dimly lit and poorly ventilated. It is also uncomfortably hot. Paul starts to come to and notices that his face feels very humid and sweaty. He then realizes that he is wearing a gas mask. Paul tries to remove the gas mask, but his hands are bound down to the arms of a worn wooden office chair. His legs are also bound together. The visor of the gas mask starts to fog up more as Paul starts to breathe heavier as he panics trying to figure out where he is. He then notices that the gas mask has a long tube in the front that is being held by a short scrawny, but muscular shirtless man in a tight bright red jockstrap. The man also has spiky black and green hair, he's covered in tattoos and has a nipple piercing. The lower half of his face is covered by a red bandanna and he is wearing a pair of black sunglasses. 

"Ah, I see you are finally awake." the mysterious man says as he snickers to himself.

"LET ME GO!!!!!!" Paul screams into the mask as the assailant in red chuckles and smirks.  

"I am unsure what you did, but we have been paid a lot of money to make you suffer." the guy in red says as he takes the tube of the gas mask and turns around showing Paul his hairy ass that has a tattoo of red lips on the left cheek. The guy in red then spreads his cheeks wide and places the tube up against his asshole. 

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???"  Paul screams out as he is assaulted by the smell of sweaty musky ass. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS???" 

The guy in red looks back behind his shoulder and smirks at Paul as he sees Paul squirm trying to free himself from the mask. "If you think my ass stinks now you have no idea what I have in store for you buddy. Let's just say I have been fueling up on greasy fast food and beer and my guts are definitely rumbling."  

After saying that the guy in red scrunches up his face and starts to grunt until there is a very loud and long popping sound of air from his tight asshole. All that air wafts quickly down into the tube and hit Paul's face with a wave of raunchy stench that smells like a carnival's port-a-potty on a hot humid summer day. Paul thrashes around gagging and coughing trying to free himself from the stink, but there is no hope. The guy in red just laughs and starts to push more gas out of his ass. The farts are getting much more rancid with every push, like the guy in red is about to take a shit. After about an hour of non-stop farting a bell rings and the guy in red puts down the tube on the floor..

"Well looks like my time here is done, but not to worry I'm sure Mr. Yellow will take very good care of you." Paul can barely make out the smirk on the guys face due to the tears in his eyes, but the guy in red leaves the room. Paul sits in the small hot room for a while trying to breath in as much air as he can get, but unfortunately the air still smells like rotten stale farts. After about 15 minutes of being alone, the room door opens and a big hulking black guy in a yellow mesh jock walks in. 

This man in yellow like the man in red has the lower half of his face hidden with a bandanna, but his was yellow. The man's skin looks very sweaty and oily. His body is nothing but muscles.

"Hey there Paulie, you can call me Mr. Yellow. I see you have survived Mr. Red's ass." the man in yellow smiles a warm bright smile at Paul. It makes Paul feel uncomfortable. "I'm sure you have been told by Mr. Red that we have been hired by someone to make you suffer. Well Paulie unfortunately for you we are pretty good at our jobs. You look like a sweet kid, I'm sure whatever you did or saw was a case of wrong place and wrong time, but that doesn't really change anything." Mr. Yellow's smile becomes bigger as he reaches for the tube. He then places the tube in between his cheeks as he faces Paul and watches as Paul screams into the mask fogging up the visor again. 

All Paul can smell was sweaty ass with a hint grotesque smell of rotten meat, like spoiled roast beef. Paul is gagging and choking on the smell. Mr. Yellow chuckles at Paul's reaction. "Paulie, I haven't even started to release any of my protein farts yet." While saying that Mr. Yellow tenses up his lower abs and slowly releases a long squeaky fart down the tube. The smell of rotten beef has Paul dry heaving into the mask. The stench is overwhelming and somehow grows stronger with time. Mr. Yellow sighs and laughs as Paul tries hard not to throw up.  

"What's wrong Paulie, that wasn't even a big one. I wouldn't even say it was one of my small ones." Mr. Yellow places the hose further towards his ass and released a gigantic squeaky fart that endd with a sizzle. The gas that flows down through the tube is sickly warm and smells of putrid rancid meats. Paul is starting to feel queasy as Mr. Yellow releases more gas down the tube. Chocking, gagging, coughing and finally vomiting. Mr. Yellow laughs and shakes his head. I guess I'll have to clean you up, but I don't want to give you the chance to escape. With that Mr. Yellow pushes the tube right up against his asshole and releases a plethora of gas.  Paul squirms and shakes until he becomes oxygen deprived and then passes out.  

When Paul comes to he notices that his mask had been cleaned out, but he is now out of his clothes except for his boxers. His arms and legs are still bound and a big guy in a blue jock stands before him holding the tube. Paul is confused and looks at the guy in blue up and down. He is pretty tall and muscular, but not like Mr. Yellow. Where Mr. Yellow is nothing but muscles, this guy in blue has muscle, but is also beefy. He looks like he probably plays football and wrestles in college. He too wears a bandanna and sunglasses hiding his identity. He has short brown hair that is kind of shaggy and his chest, armpits, happy trail, and legs are very hairy.  

"You're finally awake, about fucking time." the jock in blue says with a southern accent as he holds the tube up to his mouth. His breath smells of Taco Bell and dip. The smell makes Paul's stomach turn again. The guy then takes a deep breath and proceeds to release a giant belch down into the tube. The belch smothers Paul's face in a smog of digesting Taco Bell, stomach acid, and chewing tobacco.  The jock in blue laughs as he runs the tube against his hairy sweaty armpit adding to the stench a ripe onion scent. Paul is once again squirming wildly as he tries to get fresh air. He isn't sure why someone wants him to suffer or what he might have seen that he shouldn't have seen. 

"Fuck yeah bitch, breath all that in." The jock in blue turns around to show Paul his very hairy ass. He bends over as if he is getting ready to perform a football play. As he bends over Paul can tell the guy in blue is not the best wiper and that his hairy ass grows more hairy going down in between his giant ass crack. The tube is placed right in the middle of the hairy forest filling the gas mask full of a swampy ass musk. Paul whines as the jock in blue laughs and releases a deep bellowing fart right into the tube. The fart reeks of rotten eggs as Paul is forced to take it all in.  Paul starts to get woozy as the guy in blue continues to release more and more gas down the tube. Paul starts to sway back and forth as he feels like he is losing touch with reality. As the guy in the tight blue jock laughs and keeps feeding Paul eggy farts. Paul is about to pass out, as his vision starts to fade he hears a bell chime. 

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???" the jock in blue yells disappointed his time is up. "Well fucker I guess you are saved by the bell, but just one more to remember me by." With that the jock in blue takes in a deep breath as he shoves the tube right up against his asshole and then releases deep from within his bowels a fart that goes on for what seems like a full minute and a half. It is brassy and deep and makes the gas mask smell like it is filled with rotten egg salad that has been left out in the sun all day.  Paul gags and whines as the jock in blue lets out a tremendous sigh, drops the tube and walks out of the room.  

Chocking and coughing Paul again composes himself as a tall skinny guy walks into the room in a shiny pink jock and a pink bandanna.  The guy has a blonde faux hawk and his ears are pierced.  

"Pheww... Mr. Blue really can cause a stink can't he hun?"  Mr Pink seems sweet, and doesn't seem to be like the others that Paul has met. "I'm sorry sweetie that you are being subjected to this, but I'm sure you can understand a job is a job."  Mr. Pink says prancing towards Paul, and patting his head. "You are such a cute thing, it is quite a shame I have to introduce you to my bad side." Mr. Pink says as he caresses Paul's head and looks down into his eyes. Mr. Pink looks sincere as he picks up the tube from the ground and places it behind his ass. "I'm sorry honey, this is going to be pretty bad. I have ate a bunch of veggies just for this." 

Paul looks at Mr. Pink about to beg him to release him. As he opens up his mouth he instantly regrets it. There is a very hot gust of air that flies right into the mask. It smells like rotting vegetables in a compost. Mr. Pink keeps caressing Paul's head as he keeps pushing silent farts out of his ass making Paul whimper and beg for Mr. Pink to stop. 

"I know sweetie it's pretty bad, but I have to keep on feeding you more of my gas until my time is up." Mr. Pink seems really caring except for the gas that keeps spewing out of his ass. After about 30 minutes into the gassing Mr. Pink decides to show Paul as much mercy as he can. Mr. Pink shoves the tube as tight as he can up against his ass. "I am sorry honey that I can't release you, but maybe I can end your suffering for at least the rest of my gassing. I know you probably don't understand why I'm doing this, but let me assure you I promise it is the most merciful thing I can do." as Mr. Pink is talking he is releasing endless gas that is so hot and potent that Paul is once again dry heaving and trying hard to get clean air. After about 3 minutes Paul is out like a light. Mr. Pink gently ruffles Paul's hair, and removes the tube from up against his ass. "Nighty night my sweet prince, I promise you it is almost over." Mr. Pink then bends down and kisses Paul on the forehead and leaves the room.  

Paul jolts awake once again groggy and confused. He once again realizes he was still trapped in the small room and all he can smell is the awful smell of flatulence that he has been exposed to. Paul tries yelling, but his throat and nostrils burn and he feels very light headed. He tries to think why someone would want to hire a bunch of guys to gas him out. The guys themselves seem to not even know why they are hired, but only they were being paid to do it. Paul fears that he is never going to be heard from again, and starts to silently cry and whimper to himself. That is when the door opens up once again. This time a big burly hairy guy in a leather black jock walks into the room. The guy also has on a black leather vest with a leather cap and a skull bandanna and sunglasses. His nipples are pierced with chains leading down into his leather jock. The burly man approaches Paul and stares him down.  

"You'll probably be relieved to know I'm the last guy. In saying that I'm also known as the Angel of Death or Big Daddy" the guy has a rough deep voice. He picks up the tube and holds it up in front of him. The guy then sits on Paul's lap full weight. He has to weigh about 330 lbs. Paul whimpers as the guy chuckles to himself and gets himself comfortable. "After me kid I promise you won't have to worry about any of us." 

Paul is nervous, what did this guy mean he wouldn't have to worry about any of them again.  Was this guy going to kill Paul?  Paul starts to panic and starts to squirm to try to free himself. The burly man chuckles some more and put his arm around Paul's shoulder as he shoves the tube up his own ass. "Kid, just sit back and relax you ain't going anywhere." The tube instantly smells awful. Like sour curdled milk and skunk.  Paul gasps for air as the burly man starts to grunt and release bubbly wet farts down the tube. Paul doesn't know how much more he can take. The only air he is getting is coming from this guy and the putrid air makes Paul's lungs feel like they are decaying from the inside out. His lungs, throat, nostrils, and eyes feel like they are all melting. His head feels like it is going murky as his body convulses and craves oxygen.  "There you go son, let Big Daddy's gas take you. Don't fight it, it'll be over soon." Big Daddy keeps grunting and pushing out more and more sour gas as Paul loses all control and consciousness.  

Paul wakes up in his bed. How did he end up in his bed? He doesn't even remember walking to his room. Paul tries to remember how he got there, but everything is a blur. He gets up, but instantly falls back down on to his bed feeling light headed. Paul feels weirdly drunk, but doesn't remember drinking either. Paul looks over to his clock and sees it is 7 in the morning. Paul wonders what the hell happened, as he tries again to slowly stand up. He gets to his feet and goes into the living room. He looks around, everything seems kind of fuzzy, but is slowly becoming clearer. The last thing Paul remembers was getting off work last night. As he makes his way into the kitchen he sees a note with a bottle of aspirin beside it. He picks up the note and reads "For the splitting headache, take care sweetie. Love Mr. Pink." Paul thinks to himself, who the fuck is Mr. Pink?  

Jan 21 '19
It's fucking amazing
Jan 21 '19
Thanks I'm really glad you liked it.
Jan 29 '19
Loved it, Amazing work
Jan 30 '19
Thank you so much.
Mar 8 '19
Awesome story! Can't believe someone was nice enough to put Paul through this ;)
Mar 9 '19
Oh, forgot to mention - don't forget to RATE the story at the top guys! You just tap however many stars you think it deserves.... :laughing::smiling_imp:
Mar 9 '19
Lol, thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.
Mar 12 '19
Great story. I hope there is a sequel :D
Mar 12 '19
Thank you so much. Honestly I'm not sure if I will make a sequel.
Apr 2 '19
my boner never went soft.
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