Buck up Lil Bro. #firsttime

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Buck up Lil Bro. #firsttime
My first experience was at the age of 12, Being a ranchers son and the youngest of 4 boys I tended to be somewhat spoiled. The Carver men grow fast, At 17 Mackenzie, my oldest brother stood 6'4 and weighed about 180 lbs. Tyler 16 was 6'2 and probably weighed about the same. Clee, was 3 years older and at 15 he was already over 6 foot but weighed in about 150, I was and still remain the smallest of us at that age i was about 4'8. My brothers took excellent care when I was around making me feel safe at all times. When the summer heat would hit it was a treat to shed our in-house bedrooms and take to the Bunkhouse by the barn, I was a lot cooler at night and I found it fun just being with my brothers. All was good until the summer my brothers found "Wobble Water" was fun. They hid it by drinking in the orchard then coming in when the parents had retired for the evening. First night of this experience I was lying on the floor watching TV when they came in. They were laughing and kidding each other. Mack was the first to see me on the floor, I had my head on a pillow and my legs crossed, He walked over and asked if I was comfy, Yes i replied he giggled and said not for long, He put his big Boot over my stomach and stepped onto it. It hurt and I was trying to lift him off by pushing up on his leg but he just stayed there. I didn't make a sound except for some grunting to hold him. He swung his other boot over me and stepped off, Tyler laughed and said my turn and stepped on me before I had a chance to even move to stop him. His boot was dirty and I watched it sink into my stomach as his weight settled in. He on the other hand put his other boot on my chest just below my nips and applied weight to it. I thought I was going to burst open from the pressure. He shifter his weight back and forth listening to me grunt and groan as I worked to keep him from crushing me. He stumbled somewhat and his heel on my gut moved over my navel and landed full weight, This was the only time I would ever cry out in pain which made him jump off... The older bros laughed and went to bed. I sat up holding my stomach and holding back the tears. Clee came over and said that I needed to buck it up lil bro and let him work out the soreness. I trusted him and asked how he would do it. Lay down and I will show you.... I did and Clee put his boot on my stomach and started lightly twisting and rolling his boot it hurt at first but after a min or so he eased up, He said I needed to build up these muscles because the boys would never let me live it down and would now be using me as a doormat when ever they wished. Ok, will you help I asked, I think Clee knew I head a younger brother crush on him but we were close. He said I had to trust him and do what ever he asked. OK. He looked down at me and put his boot on me and stepped on. He was easier than the other 2 as he weighed less. He started lightly twisting and rolling his boot again then turned and placed his boots with toes pointed to my knees, he shifted his weight back and forth and heel to toe, he inched his way up my chest and I do mean inched. Making sure each rib bent and flexed under him. When he walked back down he used only the ball of his boots This was a little harder to hold but it was manageable, Now he said as he turned to face my head and standing on my crotch. the hard part, and he started walking up little by little but only using his heels, twisting and grinding, and bouncing a little, he made each step deliberate and slow, I didn't think I could take it but soon his boot toe touched my chin, he smiled and lifted his boot over my face, Keep looking at the roof he ordered and he stepped on to my face slowly pressing the ball of his boot into my nose totally crushing it flat. I was fixing to move when his weight started to decrease then off he went. I touched my nose and felt for blood. Surely he broke it but alas nothing, Just the lingering odor of his boot sole. Now if you want those muscles that are sore to be able to handle this then you have to want more, your choice. and he went to bed. Well guys I don't know if it was my crush on my bro or if they all awakened something dormant in my but this was the start of a challenging relationship with my brothers that still makes me smile to this day. THANKS BROTHERS

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Dec 11 '18
Nice story, man. Thanks for including so many of the details.
Jun 14 '19
Incredible story. Many thanks for sharing this with us. I am a fan of younger adult guys wearing country or cowboy boots. This fantasy read is exactly what I enjoy.
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