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Underfoot | Sep 11 '19 | Comments: 1
Anyone around Pittsburgh, Ohio or west Virginia? I'm usually down for getting faces at, chest sat, farted on, macro, etc. But open to new stuff. Shoot me a message!

How did I come to love this

Doormat316 | Sep 9 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 8
So squashing originally became a thing when my two uncles and occasionally one of their friends would sit on me and I hated it. Eventually I got used to it and missed it when I stopped seeing them. Now after well over 100 dudes who have done this and 95% of them liking it enough to do it multiple times. I am addicted to the thought of being...


FlatFooLoco | Sep 1 '19 | Comments: 5
Any big heavy man into destroying little guys with their weight?

Trampling in Texas?

Polton322 | Aug 30 '19 | Comments: 6
What’s up everyone ... anybody in Texas want to trample me? I’m 30, in great shape, and would love for you to walk all over me.

Birthday Trampling in Seattle?

Ninjaxtx | Aug 25 '19
Recently had my birthday a couple days ago, and would love to get trampled, as well as receive a footjob as a present! Any takers?

SoCal Squashing

FlatFooLoco | Aug 24 '19 | Comments: 1
What's up everyone! Any big squashers or little squashees in the LA to SD area?? 

Squashing session in September. Need ideas!!

Rebell45 | Aug 23 '19 | Comments: 7 | Tags: squashing
So I'm going to get squashed by an 500lb+ guy for the second time this year. First session we did some hard surface sitting, some drops and lastly some floor sitting. It felt awesome and surprisingly I held up pretty good (unfortunately no footage :/) . Looking for the ultimate squashing in September so I need some ideas by you guys. How...

Squashing meeting

darkeonexen | Aug 15 '19 | Comments: 4 | Tags: #squashing #facesitting #farts
Hi guys. I am from the south of spain. I am looking for a squash meeting, I love being under a big one. My kik is seat4r My Skype is Thanks guys

Squashing + facesitting session

SquashMePlease | Aug 12 '19 | Comments: 4 | Tags: squashing, smothering, facesitting
Hey ! Anyone wants to squash me ?... Actually i never got squashed and i would love to find someone finally to crush me... Anyone ? Message me ! ^^

Rolled Out

AcheronPera | Aug 4 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 1 | Tags: crush, squash, cum, sexy, master, slave, submissive, justin, lance, bikecrush, cumshot
Justin walked in, wearing nothing but snug fitting jeans that clung so seductively to His hips. He had a rather devilish smirk on His perfectly chiseled face. “Hey little one, want to try something new, a little extreme and very dangerous?” Lance knew this would be fun but excruciating....
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