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End of year/holiday sale

End of the year sale. All 34 of my squashing videos on sale for an even $100 and 2 of whatever comes next for free! #squashing #squash #crush message me. 

A fun way to meet someone new

squash | Oct 31 '19 | Rate: 5
I pulled into the mall parking lot and texted Jake, letting him know I had made it. I got a text back from him saying he was there as well and asked me how daring I was. I sent back a message asking him where he was and why he wanted to know how daring I was. A minute or so went by before he sent me another message and from the length of it, I...

Converting people to squashing and trampling

Doormat316 | Oct 18 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 8
Has anyone found that a lot of people who you convince to squash and or trample you despite their initial trepidation seem to end up really enjoying it after they do? I know I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve found friends and yeah coworkers who I’ve gotten to try it and then they just Realized they enjoyed the Hell out of it. One...

Squashing Mbboy20 tomorrow

DenverQuarterTon | Sep 20 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 14 | Tags: squashing crushing trample
I have Mbboy20 for at least 5 hours tomorrow. He thinks he can handle my weight. We will see. Think this little boy can handle my weight. Or will he be crushed into submission

How did I come to love this

Doormat316 | Sep 9 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 8
So squashing originally became a thing when my two uncles and occasionally one of their friends would sit on me and I hated it. Eventually I got used to it and missed it when I stopped seeing them. Now after well over 100 dudes who have done this and 95% of them liking it enough to do it multiple times. I am addicted to the thought of being...


FlatFooLoco | Sep 1 '19 | Comments: 5
Any big heavy man into destroying little guys with their weight?

SoCal Squashing

FlatFooLoco | Aug 24 '19 | Comments: 1
What's up everyone! Any big squashers or little squashees in the LA to SD area?? 

Squashing session in September. Need ideas!!

Rebell45 | Aug 23 '19 | Comments: 7 | Tags: squashing
So I'm going to get squashed by an 500lb+ guy for the second time this year. First session we did some hard surface sitting, some drops and lastly some floor sitting. It felt awesome and surprisingly I held up pretty good (unfortunately no footage :/) . Looking for the ultimate squashing in September so I need some ideas by you guys. How...

Squashing meeting

darkeonexen | Aug 15 '19 | Comments: 4 | Tags: #squashing #facesitting #farts
Hi guys. I am from the south of spain. I am looking for a squash meeting, I love being under a big one. My kik is seat4r My Skype is Thanks guys

Squashing + facesitting session

SquashMePlease | Aug 12 '19 | Comments: 4 | Tags: squashing, smothering, facesitting
Hey ! Anyone wants to squash me ?... Actually i never got squashed and i would love to find someone finally to crush me... Anyone ? Message me ! ^^
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